BEAUTY EVER AFTER permanent cosmetics

Eyebrows- $300

Full Eyeliner- $300

Top Eyeliner-$175

Bottom Eyeliner- $175

Full Lip Shading- $300

Brightener- $100

Package includes: Initial procedure, follow up in 3-4 weeks and a Brightener within Two Years

Clients are fully numbed and report very little discomfort during the procedure.



Microdermabrasion facial

Improve your skin's texture, reduce fine lines, minimize acne, get that GLOW of younger more rejuvenated skin!
Microderm session includes: cleansing of skin, toner, hot towel treatment, Microderm of face and neck, Vitamin C serum, facial massage with light weight oxygenated sunscreen and closing of the pores with a cold treatment! 


SERVICES:  Advanced Skin Care


​Safe, non invasive, non laser treatment for skin irregularities such as age spots, sun spots, sun damage, skin tags, cherry angiomas (red moles), fibromas, keratosis, cystic acne, clogged pores and black heads.

​The Skin Classic treatment is quick. There is minimal discomfort and downtime.  Treatments can be done on face, neck, chest, back, hands or arms.  Healing takes 5-10 days.


Chiropractic table with jade rollers and infrared heat which gives an intense, deep penetrating massage treatment. Concentrates on the 13 acupuncture points of Chinese medicine. This is a 40 minute preprogrammed massage that stretches your spine and relieves your aches and discomforts with infrared heat!

cHI MACHINE/infrared dome/massage mat

Chi machine that oxygenates the body through passive aerobic exercise, activating the lymphatic system, enabling detoxification, and aligns the spine due to the figure of eight motion caused by the specific oscillation motion of the machine.


Sauna box with infrared heat that penetrates 1 1/2” into the skin. It’s wonderful for cardiac patients as only the lower body is placed in the sauna. Helps with pain control, detox and raising the metabolism without sweating.


Life's Journey Skin and Spa

Exclusive care for you


Take pressure off your spine and hips by gentle inversion.


Whole body vibration machine that burns calories, tones muscle, builds bone density, enhances detoxification.​


SERVICES: Permanent Make Up

Other Services


$50 or package of 6 for $250

SKIN CLASSIC - $25 for single skin irregularity or ​$75 per 30 minutes of treatment


Higher Brain Living

Foot Zone Therapy

Ear Candling

Reiki Energy Healing

Eyelash Extensions